It’s hard to believe it was a month ago, July 13, 2017, when the Eudists in the USA region of the Province of North America and the Philippines gathered for the long-awaited blessing of the presbyteral ordination of Eleuterio Mireles, cjm.

Good Shepherd Gallery opens a new art exhibit on August 4, 2017, with the photographic works of Henry Chaney. Henry looks through his camera lens onto the events that unfolded in Ferguson, Missouri, in August of 2014 over the police shooting of Mike Brown. The killing sparked media attention that held St. Louis, the nation and the world riveted to images of fires, tear gas, riots, military patrols and looting.

There is only one month until Pope Francis' visit to Colombia, and in preparation of welcoming him, united Catholic Musicians of Colombia has released a lively song where he is the protagonist.

Durante i 9 giorni che precedono la festa del nostro fondatore, pregheremo Gesù e Maria, i Superiori della nostra Congregazione, affinché la potenza dello Spirito Santo riempia i nostri cuori. Così lo Spirito di verità ci purificherà da tutto ciò che grava sulla nostra vita interiore e lo Spirito di libertà ci spingerà ad amare di più, per impegnarci nella missione « Corde magno et animo volenti ».

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Novena in Preparation of the Celebration of the Feast of St. John Eudes


Contemplative Sisters in St. Louis met with their link Sister to the Congregation, Sr. Mirian Colala, at Immaculate Heart Convent on July 11, 2017. Sr. Mirian spoke with the Sisters about having the courage to go forth as missionaries.

El cristianismo es una forma de vida permanente. Quien dice ser cristiano, pero no vive como tal, miente. Muchas veces, en nuestra vida de discípulos, olvidamos lo importante que es llevar a Jesús a todos los lugares a los que vamos, o incluso pensamos que esta tarea tiene que ver sólo con la predicación, es decir, con la mera palabra. Sin embargo, es necesario tener claro que vivir cristianamente es una tarea que necesita grandes esfuerzos, los cuales van mucho más allá de las palabras, van a las acciones.

During the 9 days which precede the celebration of our Founder, we ask Jesus and Mary, the Superiors of our Congregation, so that the power of the Holy Spirit fills our hearts. So, the Spirit of the truth will cleanse us of all which clutters our internal life and the Spirit of freedom will urge us to love more and to give us to the mission "Corde magno et animo volenti.”