Back from a presentation of the project Boystown-Ruai in France, during his visit in the General House, Fr Jean-Paul Sakoto, Eudist of Benin received help from Aude Bauguin to construct the web site of promotion of the orphanage Boystown-Ruai in Kenya: the aim is to receive donations.

Fr. Rodrigue Azanmasso, CJM

Lawyers for the Little Sisters of the Poor said it’s time to provide the sisters relief.

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Sem. Noel Corcino

Modern technology brings new questions to our Catholic faith.

Our parish is participating in a special collection proposed by the National Conference of Catholic Bishops to assist victims of hurricane Harvey and assist the church in the affected area. Proceeds will be forwarded to Catholic Charities USA and dioceses in the region.

Superman has his red power cape. Elijah wore a cape to manifest his divine authority. Most famously, the Virgin Mary is usually portrayed wearing a cape-like garment known as a mantle, often blue and sometimes adorned with stars, to highlight her extraordinary role in history. In the Church’s oldest Marian prayer we say, “Beneath your mantle we take refuge, O Mother of God.”

Medieval artists often depicted Mary under the title of Our Lady of Mercy, with her arms outstretched to reveal a

Mullen Home residents welcomed as Christ, cared for as family

By Roxanne King

“I saw clean clothes, happy faces, and even radiant health. Between the youthful sisters and these old people reigns a mutual affection and respect to gladden the heart.”

Advocates for religious liberty are dismayed that little has changed with respect to the Obamacare contraceptive mandate, even after President Donald Trump signed a religious freedom executive order earlier this year.