Lawyers for the Little Sisters of the Poor said it’s time to provide the sisters relief.

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Cari confratelli, candidati e associati,

Tra qualche giorno celebreremo la solennità del nostro fondatore, san Giovanni Eudes. Dio ce lo ha donato come fonte della nostra “ispirazione profonda” (Cost. 14). San Giovanni Eudes non solo ci guida per discernere le modalità con le quali intraprendere oggi le nostre missioni, con fedeltà alle sue intuizioni apostoliche ma soprattutto, per insegnarci il cammino per la santità. Ciò che ci interessa nella vita di coloro che sono riconosciuti dalla

I fratelli di Bucaramanga, sella Provincia Eudista Minuto di Dio, invitano a CGM a condividere questa preghiera ricordando la memoria dil nostro Santo Fondatore

Superman has his red power cape. Elijah wore a cape to manifest his divine authority. Most famously, the Virgin Mary is usually portrayed wearing a cape-like garment known as a mantle, often blue and sometimes adorned with stars, to highlight her extraordinary role in history. In the Church’s oldest Marian prayer we say, “Beneath your mantle we take refuge, O Mother of God.”

Medieval artists often depicted Mary under the title of Our Lady of Mercy, with her arms outstretched to reveal a

Dear confreres, candidates and associates,

Within a few days we will be celebrating the Solemnity of our founder, Saint John Eudes. We will receive it from God as the source of our “profound inspiration” (Cst 14). Saint John Eudes guides us not only to discern the various ways our today’s missions may take, in fidelity to his apostolic intuitions but also, and certainly on the fore, to guide us on our journey to holiness. And it is precisely holiness that we are interested in when learning

It was only on November 1, 1950, that Pope Pius XII defined the Assumption of Mary to be a dogma of faith:

Three Mission Partners who worked at House of Good Shepherd Chicago (HGS) paid a summertime visit to Sisters at Immaculate Heart Convent in St. Louis, Missouri.

Fr. Lecomte is a native of Normandy, France, but his dedication to the mission has taken him all over the world: the Ivory Coast in Africa; Montreal, Canada; San Diego, Los Angeles and now as our pastor!

Today, we are celebrating the feast of our patron saint and founder, St. John Eudes, a man who had an immense love for God and for his people. St. John Eudes would say,