In the seminary of Rennes, established by saint Jean Eudes, they are 48 seminarians who form the community of formation with the formadors. The session of beginning of year took place in Finistère in the Society of Fathers of saint Jacques, a society missionary among whom 5 seminarists are in formation in the the seminary of Rennes. During three days, the community of the seminary gathered to form brotherly love. To the program: spiritual education, walking and lectio divina in the mounts of Arrée, visits parochial enclosures to discover how art, faith and culture become entangled in the Breton heritage.

These last 15 days, the general house was happy to know the presence of:

Prepared by the Eudist of Quebec family

From the 23rd to the 28th of october, eudists formadors will meet in Valmaria (Bogota, Colombie). This meeting is in the middle of 3 defies:

At the beginning of the month, Fr. Jean-Michel Amouriaux, General Superior, threw a great invitation to all the Congregation in the form of a letter: "Let us begin together reading saint John Eudes's writings". This invitation answers a need formulated during the 66th general assembly: "produce an itinerary of spiritual renovation, over 5 years, «form Jesus in us»".

Since the 7th of october, Fr. General , Jean-Michel Amouriaux, is in Africa, first in Benin and then in Ivory Coast to preach about “form Jesus in us”. Here you have the message of welcome pronounced in Cotonou at the beginning of the retreat.

Movement of the charismatic renovation of Arequipa, on the occasion of the diocesan year of the family, gathered, on October 14th and 15th of this year, to the middle school of the American Independence, the charismatic Congress of praise and worship entitled " Family, God's treasure for the world ".


During his visit in Africa to preach to eudist fathers, Fr. Jean-Michel Amouriaux, Superior General, could went to some Eudist places of mission. For example, he has been received to the orphanage named Claudio Migneco funded en 2011 by our eudist brother Fr. Roger Medji in the town of Agassa Gogomey, in North-east of Cotonou.

From the 4th to the 7th october, in Mariapoli Center of Castel Gandolfo, five eudist fathers, in the middle of 250, were taking part of the congress organized by the Congregation for the clergy. It was at the ocasion of publication of the new Ratio Fundamentalis Institutionis Sacerdotalis (8th december 2016).

“A feast which is a part of our rich heritage " that is how P. Raúl Téllez Villamil, Provincial Superior of the Minuto de Dios, referred himself in the last circular to the event which Eudists are going to live on the next 20th of October.