Companions of Jesus the Good Shepherd take vows and lead a consecrated life in our own homes and work environments. We are self-supporting. Committed to the Good Shepherd mission, we take private vow(s) and renew them each year.

After the predication for the Sisters of Our Lady of Charity and good Shepherd in Liban, Fr Jean-Michel Amouriaux, Superior General of the congregation of Jesus and had the opportunity to make some visits.

Back from a presentation of the project Boystown-Ruai in France, during his visit in the General House, Fr Jean-Paul Sakoto, Eudist of Benin received help from Aude Bauguin to construct the web site of promotion of the orphanage Boystown-Ruai in Kenya: the aim is to receive donations.

Throughout France, about 17 000 monuments opened their doors last week-end for the 34th edition of European Heritage Days on the theme “Youth and Heritage”.

Sem. Noel Corcino

Modern technology brings new questions to our Catholic faith.


Nowadays, people want to hold on to hatreds and grudges, but why?

The international special time begun on the 15th august and will finish on the 20th of May of 2018, day of Pentecost. 5 candidates participate: 3 of Philippines, 1 of Pakistan (from Province of North America and Philippines) and I, Aymeric Djengué, from Province of France.

Mullen Home residents welcomed as Christ, cared for as family

By Roxanne King

“I saw clean clothes, happy faces, and even radiant health. Between the youthful sisters and these old people reigns a mutual affection and respect to gladden the heart.”

On the las 8th of September, the General House lived a great moment for the feast of the birth of the Virgin Mary. The prayer of the night began outside of the chapel with a procession of the fathers, a big reproduction of the picture of the Virgin of Guadalupe and a candle.