On Sunday, October 8th, 6 eudist priests (Fr. Guillermo Acero, Fr. Jose Mario Bacci, Fr. Gerson Mora, Fr. Hyacinthe Allagbe, Fr. Amado Perez Nassi and Fr. Jader Igirio Tesillo) and Aude Bauguin left Rome early to join Sperone, a town in 40 km to Naples.

The Eudist Family of Québec, Fathers and Associates together, gathered for the first meeting of their associative year in the beautiful panorama of Orleans Island, on September 18. We were nearly 45 to celebrate the Eucharist, to enjoy a wonderful meal and mostly to share our common expectations on how to grow more firmly in our quest for a better spiritual and Christian life through meetings and celebrationsrespondingto our needs.

In the seminary of Rennes, established by saint Jean Eudes, they are 48 seminarians who form the community of formation with the formadors. The session of beginning of year took place in Finistère in the Society of Fathers of saint Jacques, a society missionary among whom 5 seminarists are in formation in the the seminary of Rennes. During three days, the community of the seminary gathered to form brotherly love. To the program: spiritual education, walking and lectio divina in the mounts of Arrée, visits parochial enclosures to discover how art, faith and culture become entangled in the Breton heritage.

From 23 to 28 October took place International meeting of eudist trainers in Bogota. This meeting had been announced in the 3 last ones CJM News whom you received.

Last 6th and 7th october, in Rome, it was the first sesion of the year for the Colle Saint John Eudes. They are 17 fathers from a lot of countries who are taking part to the comunity: Corea, Mexico, Honduras, France, Colombia, Italia, Africa…

From the 23rd to the 28th of october, eudists formadors will meet in Valmaria (Bogota, Colombie). This meeting is in the middle of 3 defies:


Fr. Ren Ligeralde, CJM

All the congregacion is happy with the Provincia of Venezuela, for the incorporacion of Carlos, Franklin and Erik. Let live Jesus and Mary.

Movement of the charismatic renovation of Arequipa, on the occasion of the diocesan year of the family, gathered, on October 14th and 15th of this year, to the middle school of the American Independence, the charismatic Congress of praise and worship entitled " Family, God's treasure for the world ".

Each of us has a story. Each one is a unique work of art, “created in Christ Jesus for the good works that God has prepared in advance.” These words, based on St. Paul’s letter to the Ephesians, wonderfully describe our foundress, Saint Jeanne Jugan. She began life at a difficult moment in history, with very few gifts, resources or possibilities according to the standards of the world. But with what she was given, she allowed God to work miracles — little by little, day by day over the course of many years, Jeanne allowed him to prepare her to create a work of charity which responded to the needs of her time, and which has continued to bear fruit 225 years after the first chapters of her life story were written in a tiny fishing village in a remote region of France.